Investment Law

The Law Office RGW provides advice to its Client at the stage of planning and completing production or construction projects. Assistance of experienced lawyers having knowledge of the Polish and German law, command of foreign languages allowing them to freely negotiate terms and conditions of agreements and prepare multilingual versions of such agreements is particularly important to foreign entrepreneurs investing in Poland as well as Polish entrepreneurs investing in Germany.

The Law Office RGW offers such services as:

  • Preparation of legal analyses and opinions concerning investment conditions taking into account the objectives and principles of a specific project
  • Evaluation o a legal status (due diligence investigation) of companies and property
  • Activities involving establishment, merger and acquisition of companies, shares and equities in corporations
  • Establishment of subsidiaries and branches of an entrepreneur (including a foreign entrepreneur)
  • Preparing, negotiating and giving opinion on agreements involved in the investment process, such as a sales agreement, rental agreement, lease, agreement for construction work, design services, consortium, participation agreement etc.
  • Consultancy in purchasing property and shares by foreigners
  • Obtaining necessary permits and licences
  • Assistance in the course of investment process
  • Assistance in solving ongoing disputes with contractors and subcontractors
  • Representation before common courts, administrative courts and relevant government offices
  • Legal assistance for entrepreneurs investing in special economic zones
  • Handling of the transactions of the joint venture type

More information about the rules of property purchasing by foreigners and the most important aspects of investing in Poland can be found in the publications of the Law Office RGW: Immobilienerwerb in Polen (available in German), Rechtliche und wirtschaftliche Rahmenbedingungen für den Markteintritt in Polen (available in German) and Legal forms of business in Poland.