International cooperation

The law Office RGW is cooperating with numerous organizations operating internationally.

In November 2009, the Law Office RGW was admitted to CONSULEGIS – an international association of independent law firms.

Decision of the Advisory Board of CONSULEGIS to admit the Law Office RGW was taken in October 2009 in Toulouse, France, having been preceded by over a yearlong period of negotiations.

The members of CONSULEGIS are independent law firms getting recognition on local markets and highly valued on account of legal aid being provided by them to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Thanks to the close cooperation with reputable law offices associated with CONSULEGIS, the Law Office RGW can grant legal aid to both Polish entrepreneurs active on international markets and foreign firms seeking legal advice in Poland.

The Law Office RGW is cooperating with Swiss government organizations. The partners in the Law Office RGW are experts of the Business Network Switzerland in Poland – and are involved in specialized projects


The Law Offices of RGW and Associates are members of numerous Polish and international legal associations, including:


RGW is the only Polish law office in the CONSULEGIS. This international network of independent law firms was established in 1990 in Hamburg, Germany. CONSULEGIS comprises companies from 45 countries all over the world. CONSULEGIS allows professional law firms  to work together on the highest professional level with the lawyers specilized in various legal areas and in various jurisdictions.


Der Deutsche Anwaltverein DAV (The German Bar Association)

The German Bar Association was founded in 1871.

DAV represents members of the German Bar in the Federal Republic of Germany, and represents the independent community of advocates. Members of DAV include 254 local associations of attorneys from throughout Germany, as well as attorneys from France, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Brazil and Spain, and other foreign attorneys who are licensed to practice in the German Federal Republic. Currently, over 68,000 attorneys are members of the DAV.



Swisschamber (The Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce)

The Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce was established in 1998 with its headquarters in Warsaw. Currently, it has around 150 members and represents the majority of Swiss firms doing business in Poland.
The mission of the Chamber is to create favorable conditions for the development and growth of Polish-Swiss economic relations. The Chamber supports the business activities of its member firms, represents Swiss investors in Poland and Polish investors in Switzerland, and promotes and supports economic relations between Poland and Switzerland.


 Die Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin RAK (The Berlin Chamber of Lawyers)

The Berlin Chamber of Lawyers is an organization of self-government of all attorneys from Belrin. The Berlin Chamber of Lawyers provides support  for members of the Association and is concerned with the professional development of lawyers.


Verband Deutscher Anwälte e.V. (VDA)


Łódź Chamber of Industry and Trade

Activities of the Łódź Chamber of Industry and Trade date back to 1927, and has existed in its present form since 1990.
The Łódź Chamber of Industry and Trade is the largest organization of economic self-government in Central Poland. The Chamber is an association of more than 300 business entities and is a major partner with state and self-government administration authorities. The Chamber promotes commerce and facilitates the climate necessary for economic development in the region.

  Chamber of Industry and Trade Certificate


Global Law Experts (GLE)

Global Law Experts is the only organisation capable of recommending the right legal expert for each key practice area in any country.