Issues concerning environmental protection arise in almost every line of business. The growing number of legal instruments at the national and EU level does not facilitate an insight into this complicated and requiring specialist knowledge subject matter. Already at the stage of planning an investment, it is necessary to determine its impact on the environment and to take account of many aspects related to the protection of natural resources. At subsequent stages of activity, entrepreneurs must abide by a number of regulations an understanding and application of which will become easier thanks to the assistance of lawyers experienced in the environmental protection law.

Environmental Protection Law

 The Law Office RGW provides its Clients with such services as:

  •  Legal advice and representation in proceedings involving the Polish and EU environmental protection law and nature protection law
  • Assistance in planning investment processes and in evaluating the impact thereof on environment
  • Analysis of observance of the requirements of environmental protection law (e.g. in respect of dust and gas emission, forest clearance, water management)
  • Legal opinions on particular aspects of the environmental protection law and nature protection law in the functioning of entrepreneurs in different lines of business (e.g. production and distribution of plant protection products, waste management, sewage disposal)
  • Legal advice on the REACH system and legal aspects of obtaining integrated permits
  • Obtaining permits and licences, environmental approvals required by law
  • Representation of clients in proceedings before public administration bodies and administrative courts
  • Consultancy in respect of the turnover and application of hazardous substances
  • Representation in penal proceedings and in cases prosecuted as petty offence against the environment

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