Business activity in almost every sector is subject to regulation at the national but also EU level. Therefore, entrepreneurs must observe not only the laws of the member state in which they operate but also a number of legal acts applicable directly throughout the EU (regulations) and implemented in the national legal systems (directives). A good insight into a maze of complicated legal regulations often requires assistance of a professional.

 The EU Law

The services offered by the Law Office RGW include:

  •  Legal advice on interpretation of the European law and harmonization of the Polish legislation with acquis communautaire
  • Legal aid and conduct of proceedings concerning enforcement and admission of foreign court rulings and other documents as well as the European enforcement orders
  • Legal advice on legal mechanisms concerning parallel imports paying special attention to the regulations referring to plant protection products
  • Representation in proceedings involving antitrust law before the European Commission, a Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Elaboration of opinions on legal solutions in all markets of the European Union and interpretation of the provisions of the EU law and their impact on the Polish legislation
  • Preparation of opinions and analyses concerning evaluation of planned agreements and transactions paying special attention to the conformity thereof with the EU regulations
  • Legal aid in case of projects financed with the EU funds
  • Legal advice on facts of a case and proceedings involving a cross-border element taking account of relevant regulations of the EU law and international private law


More information about the Regulation Rome I: From Rome Convention to Rome I Regulation.

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Anna Porębska, LL.M.

Anna Porębska, LL.M.