Unfair competition law

Unfair competition law is of great importance in everyday business activity. Competition in the market in goods and services is in principle a desired occurrence and has a stimulating effect on competing entities, however it can also lead to extreme and even illegal behaviours. These often take on the form of acts of unfair competition, or acts against the law or decency which threaten or jeopardize the interest of another entrepreneur or a customer.


 Services of the Law Office RGW in the area of unfair competition law include:

  •  Legal advice on civil law claims of an entrepreneur and criminal law consequences of a committed act of unfair competition
  • Preparation and evaluation on the basis of unfair competition law of drafts of agreements and any documents related to business activity
  • Legal representation and preparation of pleadings and agreements in cases involving unfair competition (both civil and criminal)
  • Prevention of acts of unfair competition at the stage of planning market activities and strategies
  • Appraisal of activities of competing companies paying special attention to violation of the rules of fair competition


More information on combating unfair competition can be found on the website Unfair Competition & Compliance Portal: www.uclp.com.pl and in the publications of the Law Office RGW: Das Recht des unlauteren Wettbewerbs in Polen, Unlautere Handlungen. Auswahl der praxisrelevanten Fragen (available in German) and  Praktyki nieuczciwej konkurencji – wybrane zagadnienia (available in Polish).

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