Intellectual Property Law

The development of modern technologies has led to the situation where in the 21st century substantial assets of companies are made up of intangible property and values. The basis of economy based on knowledge is formed of discoveries, works, inventions, patterns and models. Properly used, they can give an entrepreneur a significant advantage over competitors. Protection of own intangible property against the use thereof by unauthorized persons is extremely important.

 To Clients from various lines of business, the Law Office RGW offers:

  •  Legal advice on material aspects of the copyright law
  • Drawing up and giving opinion on licence agreements
  • Legal aid in respect of protection of trademarks, industrial and utility models, patents taking account of the Polish, German and European regulations
  • Representation before relevant bodies, including the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) and the Office for Harmonization of Internal Market (OHIM)
  • Arrangement of transactions involving sale, transfer and encumbering of intellectual property rights
  • Consultancy regarding the internet and new technologies law
  • Preparation of legal opinions and analyses concerning practical aspects of intellectual and industrial property rights
  • Assistance in court and out of court disputes
  • Development of the strategy of database and know-how protection


Publications of the Law Office RGW concerning intellectual and industrial property law:   The common definition of a copyright work in the European Union and  Trademark protection system.

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Anna Porębska, LL.M.

Anna Porębska, LL.M.