15 years of RGW

By January 17, 2022Wydarzenia
rgw kancelaria prawna kredyty frankowe, zwalczanie nieuczciwej konkurencji warszawa

In 2022 RGW Law Firm celebrated 15th anniversary.

RGW Rocławski Graczyk i Wspólnicy Adwokacka Spółka Jawna (www.rgw.com.pl)  was founded as a Polish limited partnership and the partnership agreement was signed on 15 February 2017. Forming RGW was a natural consequence of professional development of attorneys Piotr R. Graczyk (adwokat) and Wojciech Roclawski (radca prawny and German Rechtsanwalt).

In 2009, RGW has been admitted as a member of an elite Consulegis Association (www.consulegis.com) which associates leading law companies in the world.

In 2013, RGW was transformed from limited partnership into general partnership. With the beginning of January 2014, RGW started providing legal services in a new legal form.

In 2014, in order to meet expectations of the clients, RGW opened, as one of the first law firms in Poland, an office in Berlin, Germany (www.rgw.berlin).

For 15 years (2007-2022) of its legal activity, RGW has been perceived by its clients as well as by legal community as reliable and responsible partner with a strong market position.

Over the years RGW has become recognised as a trustworthy company providing legal services for business, especially for German-speaking clients in Poland and Polish clients in Germany.

RGW has educated many legal trainees who currently provide professional legal assistance as attorneys-in-law in many areas of law.

In 2017, the managing partners of RGW – attorneys Wojciech Rocławski and Piotr R. Graczyk – were given the opportunity to claim the title “Vertrauensanwalt der Handelsabteilung der Botschaft der Republik Össerrich in Warschau” (“Legal Counsel of the Commercial Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Warsaw”).

RGW for many years has been a patron of scientific initiatives of journalistic nature. RGW for nearly a decade has been a patron of the Competition Law Portal – www.uclp.pl which presents legal issues in the field of broadly understood competition law and compliance. Articles on the UCLP Portal are published in three language versions (PL/DE/ENG).

Throughout these 15 years, we had an opportunity to provide legal services to hundreds of satisfied clients, prepare thousands of pages of documents and provide legal assistance in many more and less complicated cases.

We would like to thank you putting the trust in us.

Managing Partners:

  • Piotr R. Graczyk, Adwokat
  • Wojciech Rocławski, Radca prawny & Rechtsanwalt