The Law Office RGW awarded – “The Business Cheetahs 2011” and “Effective Company

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The Law Office RGW was awarded in the 6th edition of the competition “The Business Cheetahs 2011” [Gepardy Biznesu 2011] and won the title “The Business Cheetah 2011” for its dynamic development. And in the 6th edition of the “Effective Company 2011” ranking it won the title “Effective Company 2011” for the high effectiveness of its activities.


The award ceremony was held on 29th June, 2012 in Warsaw and was preceded by the 2nd All-Poland Modern Business Conference having a motto ”How companies, banks and self-governments can cope with the effects of an economic crisis”. The ceremony was attended, among others, by Alfred Domagalski, President of the National Cooperative Council, Eugeniusz Laszkiewicz, President of the National Union of Cooperative Banks in the years 1994-2008, Jerzy Krajewski, Director of the Modern Business Institute, and representatives of the awarded dynamic companies and banks from all over Poland.

The competition “The Business Cheetahs” is aimed at selecting the most dynamically developing companies basing on an increase in their market value estimated by comparison with companies listed on the stock exchange. The main criterion applied in the competition is a growth rate of the market value of a company during the period of two years. Organizers of the Business Cheetahs Competition are the Entrepreneurs Magazine “The European Company” and the Business Cheetahs Club.

Regulations of the “Business Cheetahs” Competition

The title “Effective Company 2011” is reserved for those whose the average net profit compared to operating income for years 2008-2010 was higher than 5 per cent. The mission of the “Effective Company” ranking is to support development of Polish companies. The ranking is unrelated to the competition and includes entities whose financial data are available in open registers and publications.

Regulations of the “Effective Company” ranking:

 Business Cheetahs 2011

Effective Company 2011