Mr Wojciech Cieślak, Ph.D., co-editing the practical commentary on the Code of Criminal Procedure

By November 10, 2015Uncategorized

Recently, under the imprint of the publishing house Delfin the publication “The Code of Crimnal Procedure. Practical commentary to amendments” appeared being edited by Mr Wojciech Cieślak, Mr Kazimierz J. Pawelec and Mr Igor Tuleja.

It is a joint commentary on the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure focusing on practical aspects of individual regulations of the Code.

The publication is of essential importance in the context of a thorough reform of criminal procedure which became effective as of 1st July 2015 because the application of the new provisions of the CCP still raises numerous doubts of practical nature both among prosecutors, police officers and the aggrieved, accused, their attorneys and defence counsels.

One of the authors of the commentary is Mr Wojciech Cieślak, Ph.D., a barrister, professor at the UWM, senior counsel with the Law Office RGW.

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