Tax inspection in practice and new penal risks related to VAT – CFO Forum

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On 16 October 2016, as part of the series of CFO-Forum, a meeting discussing “Fiscal and tax inspection in practice – proceedings of tax authorities in the event of detection of irregularities. New penal and fiscal risks related to the tax on goods and services” will be held for members of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce which will be led by Mr Piotr R. Graczyk from RGW Law Firm.

During the meeting, the following topics will be discussed:

  1. changes in the organisation of tax authorities – establishment of National Revenue Administration and the practical significance of these changes for entrepreneurs
  2. the course of inspection carried out by tax authorities – a case study based on the inspection carried out by the Head of Mazovian Tax Office and other inspections
  3. practical advice on inspection carried out by tax authorities
  4. principles of liability in the event of committing tax offences related to unreliable issuance of invoices
  5. liability resulting from the Criminal Code in the event of unreliable issuance of invoices – new types of offences.

Participation in the meeting requires prior registration through the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce or individual invitation from the RGW Law Firm.

More information may be found by clicking here.