Autumn Conference CONSULEGIS – Prague, 18-21 October 2018

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On 18-21 October 2018, a CONSULEGIS Autumn Conference – an international network of law firms, of which RGW is a member from 2009 – was held in Prague, Czech Republic….

Tax inspection and penal risks related to VAT – presentation from 16 October 2018

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On 16 October 2018, a meeting concerning the subject of tax inspection and penal risks related to VAT took place. The meeting was part of the CFO-Forum that is organised…

Tax inspection in practice and new penal risks related to VAT – CFO Forum

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On 16 October 2016, as part of the series of CFO-Forum, a meeting discussing “Fiscal and tax inspection in practice – proceedings of tax authorities in the event of detection…

Ratings, rankings, reviews on the Internet. Where the freedom of speech ends and infringement of law begins?

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Ratings, rankings, reviews on the Internet Where the freedom of speech ends and infringement of law begins? Nowadays we cannot imagine life without the Internet and modern technologies as they...

Areas of law

Unfair competition law
  • Product imitation
  • Betrayal of a trade secret
  • Circulation of false information
  • Civil and criminal liability for acts of unfair competition

Transport law
  • National transportation law
  • Transport under the CMR Convention
  • Responsibility of a carrier
  • Transport and freight forwarding contracts

Commercial law
  • Establishment, transformation and liquidation of companies
  • Legal services to companies
  • Drafts of commercial contracts
  • Compliance policy

Economic criminal law
  • Proceedings in cases involving business fraud
  • Penal revenue law
  • Legal aid in respect of the offence of corruption and white collar crimes
  • Criminal law audit

Intellectual property law
  • Copyright law and related rights
  • Internet and new technologies law
  • Trademarks, industrial and utility designs, patents
  • Representation before the Polish, German and European patent offices

Investment law
  • Mergers and acquisition of companies
  • Due diligence of companies and property
  • Purchase of property from foreigners
  • Obtaining concessions and permits

Competition law
  • National and European antitrust law
  • Agreements restricting competition
  • Control of concentration and abuse of dominant position
  • Unfair business practices

Energy law
  • legal advice across the energy and fuel sector, also in the field of
    renewable energy sources
  • representation before the Energy Regulatory Office and Competition and Consumer Protection Court
  • legal assistance in the field of licensed activities
  • support of investment and infrastructure projects

EU law
  • Consultancy in respect of the EU law
  • Proceedings to carry out decisions of foreign courts
  • Proceedings of cross-border nature
  • Parallel imports

Public procurement law
  • Consultancy in respect of tendering procedures
  • Appeal proceedings before the Public Procurement Office
  • Drafting and giving opinion on contracts with an ordering party and subcontractors
  • Legal assessment of the terms of reference and tenders of the contractors
Environmental law
  • National and European environmental regulations
  • Legal aspects of environmental protection
  • Giving opinion on planned investments
  • Administrative and penal proceedings

Bankruptcy law
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Cross-border effects of bankruptcy declaration
  • Responsibility of governing bodies of companies