RGW Berlin: new address as of 1 November 2019

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We inform that as of 1st November 2019 the address of the law office RGW Roclawski Rechtsanwälte with its seat in Berlin changes. New address: RGW Roclawski Rechtsanwälte Rechtsanwalt Wojciech…

Central Register of Beneficial Owners – obligation to submit information

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On 13 October 2019, on the basis of the provisions of the Act of 1 March 2018 on counteracting money laundering and terrorism financing, the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries…

Simple joint-stock company – new type of company as of March 2020

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On 1 March 2020, as a result of the amendment of the Code of Commercial Companies, adopted on 19 July 2019, a new type of the company called by the…

The Law Office RGW is a member of Poland – Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

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On 19th March 2019 the Law Office RGW has become a member of Poland – Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce with its seat in Wroclaw. Poland – Luxembourg  Chamber of Commerce…

Areas of law

Unfair competition law
  • Product imitation
  • Betrayal of a trade secret
  • Circulation of false information
  • Civil and criminal liability for acts of unfair competition

Transport law
  • National transportation law
  • Transport under the CMR Convention
  • Responsibility of a carrier
  • Transport and freight forwarding contracts

Commercial law
  • Establishment, transformation and liquidation of companies
  • Legal services to companies
  • Drafts of commercial contracts
  • Compliance policy

Economic criminal law
  • Proceedings in cases involving business fraud
  • Penal revenue law
  • Legal aid in respect of the offence of corruption and white collar crimes
  • Criminal law audit

Intellectual property law
  • Copyright law and related rights
  • Internet and new technologies law
  • Trademarks, industrial and utility designs, patents
  • Representation before the Polish, German and European patent offices

Investment law
  • Mergers and acquisition of companies
  • Due diligence of companies and property
  • Purchase of property from foreigners
  • Obtaining concessions and permits

Competition law
  • National and European antitrust law
  • Agreements restricting competition
  • Control of concentration and abuse of dominant position
  • Unfair business practices

Energy law
  • legal advice across the energy and fuel sector, also in the field of
    renewable energy sources
  • representation before the Energy Regulatory Office and Competition and Consumer Protection Court
  • legal assistance in the field of licensed activities
  • support of investment and infrastructure projects

EU law
  • Consultancy in respect of the EU law
  • Proceedings to carry out decisions of foreign courts
  • Proceedings of cross-border nature
  • Parallel imports

Public procurement law
  • Consultancy in respect of tendering procedures
  • Appeal proceedings before the Public Procurement Office
  • Drafting and giving opinion on contracts with an ordering party and subcontractors
  • Legal assessment of the terms of reference and tenders of the contractors
Environmental law
  • National and European environmental regulations
  • Legal aspects of environmental protection
  • Giving opinion on planned investments
  • Administrative and penal proceedings

Bankruptcy law
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Cross-border effects of bankruptcy declaration
  • Responsibility of governing bodies of companies